How to Use Instagram Quick Reply Feature?

Instagram, which has become a constantly developing platform in every aspect, continues to provide convenience in many subjects. Accordingly, businesses realize their products and services on Instagram.

It is very important to respond quickly and accurately to messages sent to businesses selling services and products. Thanks to the Instagram Quick Reply feature, it is quite possible to get rid of such workloads.

Let’s take a look at how the Instagram Auto Quick Reply Feature works and how it is done.

What is Instagram Quick Reply Feature?

The Instagram Quick Reply system is a system that automatically sends the messages you receive on Facebook and Instagram, and the greeting texts you have entered before, to the person or people who send the message. More precisely, it is an artificial intelligence.

Thanks to this artificial intelligence, we can provide faster feedback. There is no doubt that this system will provide a great advantage to your business.

What are Instagram Quick Reply Benefits?

  • It allows you to quickly respond to the person or people who sent you a message.
  • You can use this service for free.
  • It allows you to save time.
  • You can redirect by adding links and texts you want to your messages. Like (Telegram, Whatsapp, Website).
  • What Are the Cons of Instagram Quick Reply?
  • The person and people who sent you a message can end the chat as they will not be dealing
  • with a real person.
  • The text you enter in the reply section will be shown to everyone in the same way. Person-to-person customization is not possible.

Guide to Using Instagram Quick Reply

With the images below, you can turn on the quick response feature step by step and start using it.

As the first step, we log in to the Meta Business Suite panel with our account. Click on the “Inbox” tab as seen in the image.

Meta Business Suit

Meta Business Suit

In the second step, we enter the “Automations” tab on the upper right side of the screen.

As the 3rd step, we first turn on the “Quick Response” feature on this screen. Marked in the picture. You can choose options as Messenger and Instagram. You can decide which side you want to use.

After that, we enter the welcome text in the “Message” section and complete the necessary procedures by registering it.

As you can see, creating the Instagram Auto Reply system is quite simple. This way, you can interact faster.

I hope it has been an effective content for you. If you want help on the subject, you can reach me on my Instagram account @memphismonkey. I wish you pleasant reading.