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The general Blog, which started its publication life on March 16, 2018, is a personal and original BLOG that tries to contribute to information sharing.

blog banner 1Our aim is to do everything ourselves and explain how it is done and share what we learn while doing something.

As Memphis Monkey Blog, I share my own personal experiments and tests here. Only at the bottom of these publications is my signature Memphis Monkey or Personal.

All other content consists of important solutions that I found on the internet. The source information of the articles whose source is known are shared under the messages. Source information is not entered under the articles that are not sure. If the content belongs to you and you can verify it, you can notify the source from our communication panel.

Memphis Monkey Blog does not host any illegal or illegal content in its system.

Memphis Monkey Blog is not a Discussion Platform ! No controversial messages will be published !

Thanks for following and reading the Memphis Monkey Blog.

Memphis Monkey Blog