Getting Adsense Approval 100% Results (2022)

I have prepared an excellent guide regarding the Adsense approval process. Until this time, my Google Adsense application has not been approved, I take care of those who complain as if they do not accept my adsense site. In fact, there is no technical or difficult thing you need to do in order to be able to get Google Adsense approval without any problems.

So there is no need to complicate the job to get approval from adsense. Google Adsense tells you not to violate the policy, pay attention to copyrights and eat my dear. You will act in the same way. Getting Adsense approval is not as difficult as it seems.

Forget about sharing tactics, most of the training sets that are sold on the market for a fee. Here I explain the process of getting Google Adsense approval free of charge to the finest detail.

Every site that correctly implements the tactics I share below will definitely get AdSense approval.


I have explained the settings and steps you need to do in order to get Adsense approval process one by one below. Following these steps to the letter will make it easier for you to get adsense approval. I’m warning! Don’t skip a single one. Make sure to apply all of the things I mentioned below on your blog. Let’s start..

adsense approval pages
In order to get approval from Adsense, you must have some indispensable pages on your blog. It is important that these pages are created correctly.

At the beginning of the Adsense approval stages, the following pages are listed. What are these required pages?

  • About us Page
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Contact Us Page

All of these pages I have listed must be present on your site. After creating these pages correctly, you should display them in the menu at the bottom or top of your site.

Adsense approval process
As you can see in the picture above, there are all pages on my blog and I declare that these pages are at the bottom of my blog. This is one of the Google Adsense approval processes. You must follow this process.


Adsense Appoval Search Console

Adsense Appoval Search Console

To get Adsense approval, you must first register your website with Google. Register your website with Google via Google Search Console. Unless you do this, it is very difficult to get approval from adsense.


Getting Adsense Approval

Getting Adsense Approval

Google Analytics is an analysis tool within Google. By adding your site to this platform, you can observe visitor information.

Thanks to this application, you can access the information on which platforms your visitors are using to visit your site.

If you do not know how to register your site with Google Analytics, review my Goog


Adsense approval article count
One of the Adsense approval processes is about articles. The number of articles refers to the number of articles you will add to your site. If you have opened a new blog, do not immediately go and apply for Adsense.

Your adsense application may not be approved because your new blog will have few articles. This issue does not contain 100% accuracy, but it is still worth paying attention to.

Some people say that I got adsense approval with 2 articles, but it is not known how accurate it is. There is no reason to get adsense approval with 2 articles anyway. Because adsense does not make you money with 2 articles. It is very difficult for a newly opened blog to start making money from adsense right away.

My advice is. After adding 5-10 quality articles to each category you create, you apply for adsense.

le Analytics Registration article. I explained how to register your site with a picture.

Do not forget to register your site on this platform before applying for Adsense. You need to apply this to successfully complete the Adsense approval process.


article quality adsense approval guide
article quality adsense approval guide
Although the number of articles is important, the quality of the article is just as important. Adsense is perhaps one of the most important factors in the approval process.

Because Google hates duplicate content and policy violations. It is a dream for such blogs to get adsense approval. Google loves original, organized, useful articles.

Equip your site with quality articles to get Adsense approval. Let your articles be original and unique. Even if you don’t have any knowledge about a subject, write by changing it yourself instead of copy-pasting.

Adsense Prohibited Content Types: Content that violates copyrights (example: movie sites), obscene content, hacking, casino, gambling, alcohol, drugs, all illegal content.


blog design google adsense
Having really quality content may not be enough for google adsense approval alone.

In order to get Adsense approval, the design of your blog is as important as the quality of the content.

If you are looking for a theme and you are not satisfied with your current theme and you are looking for an adsense compatible theme, definitely check out MythemeShop themes.

Make sure that your blog is user-friendly, has easy navigation, and has a professional design. You need to apply this to successfully complete the Adsense approval process.


site ads google adsense
Before applying to Google Adsense, if there is another company’s advertisement on your blog, it is useful to remove it.

Because having ads from another company on your blog may cause a bad impression on the google adsense team. You need to apply this to successfully complete the Adsense approval process.


I have covered every detail in the Adsense approval guide. Believe me, when you pay attention to the above issues, it is inevitable to get adsense approval. If you are too confused, check out my blog. I got approval with my blogs without any problems.

Finally, I recommend that you read the Adsense Terms and Conditions and Adsense Program Policies.