Who is the Webmaster? What Does a Webmaster Do?

what does a webmaster do?

what does a webmaster do? With the development of technology and the fact that all transactions are now done in virtual environments, businesses that do not want to hold back from these developments; they are thinking of establishing a business and creating a space for themselves by entering the internet world. Businesses that want to open an online store but do not have knowledge about internet advertising, coding, website updating or maintenance are closely interested in the question of what is a webmaster.

Who is the Webmaster? What Does a Webmaster Do?

What is WebMaster?

what does a webmaster do? who is responsible for managing the website and applications of a person, company or organization; Responsible for graphic designers and web developers, as well as coordinating the development, design, and maintenance of websites. It is translated into Turkish as a web expert or webmaster; They can find the opportunity to work in the graphics, software and server departments of the enterprises.

Another answer to the question of what is a webmaster is; The person who creates, develops and manages the website organization, manages the website server and technical programming sides, or performs these two operations, as well as the website content. The job descriptions of these people, who will help to create a website, may change according to the companies they work for.

What is WebMaster?

The general professional responsibilities of someone who provides webmaster services are:

  • Developing easy-to-use websites
  • Configure and troubleshoot servers
  • Testing operating systems and web browsers
  • Analyzing and analyzing website traffic
  • Ensuring site security
  • Reviewing and updating SEO

What Should Be Done to Say I Have Been a Webmaster?

Although there is no formal education requirement to be a webmaster; As an answer to the question of what should be done to say that I have become a webmaster; it is necessary to have a talent in the field of software and to fix this ability with experience. When asked what features the webmaster has, a few features come to the fore. The features sought for the Webmaster, who is expected to adapt to flexible working hours and be detail-oriented, are as follows:

What Should Be Done to Say I Have Been a Webmaster?

  • Knowledge of Javascript, XML, HTML/CSS and SQL languages
  • Generating creative ideas
  • Ability to use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator-style programs
  • Ability to manage multiple workloads by adapting in teamwork
  • To have verbal skills and to be able to work in a customer-oriented manner.

With the knowledge of some programming languages in order to become a webmaster; The analysis aspects of the people in the webmaster position should also be quite advanced. a Webmaster; In addition to being able to code and identify SEO compatible words, he should also have knowledge of social media and e-mail marketing expertise. In addition to all these features, the webmaster; Must have knowledge of the website mechanism.

Coding: Although you do not have to understand and process the subject of different programming languages, this subject can be left to an expert. Thanks to the proliferation of ready-made systems today, those dealing with Webmasters have come to the position of being able to establish their own websites or implement web applications, even if they do not have a good command of the language of this program. Being able to code can be considered as an additional feature to find a job as a qualified employee in the virtual world.


SEO: SEO tips and SEO is a very important criterion for ranking in the Google search engine. A Webmaster should be well aware of the keywords of competing companies and should pay attention to the use of keywords related to the business he serves on the website. The use of SEO-compatible keywords aims to rank the business high in search engines such as Google.

Social media and email expertise: Webmaster; In addition to creating social media profiles in order to attract brands and customers, it should also check whether the sections in the content of the websites are user-friendly and try to improve the site when deemed necessary. In the e-mail marketing process, the webmaster needs to know the process of explaining the service to the customers, communicating and preparing the databases and sending e-mails.

Google Analytics, Search Console and Server-Host Services: Google Analytics, which is a free tool to investigate user behavior and perform website analysis, is used by Webmasters to provide better service to site users. On the other hand, it is necessary to be familiar with internet hosting panels such as Plesk, DirectAdmin, Cpanel, web hosting, server backup and server management.

In addition to gaining knowledge in the field of site content with Search Console;

  • Minimizing website load time
  • Troubleshooting and fixing site issues and bugs
  • Finding solutions to website visitor problems
  • It is necessary to be able to analyze the site and check the links.

What Services Can Webmasters Provide?

The answer to the question of what services can webmasters provide can be answered in many different ways. Webmaster job description differs according to the business or project he works for. A webmaster in a small business takes great responsibility as he deals with all the steps in the business or project’s website.

A what does a webmaster do? working in a medium-sized business or project works with a more specific job description. These people who do not work alone in the projects or business units they have created and have to carry out; It performs operations that will assist in the installation of Joomla, Opencart or WordPress-style programs or in gaining a functional feature what does a webmaster do?

What Services Can Webmasters Provide?

webmaster; takes part in different positions in large-scale enterprises or projects. In such projects or large-scale enterprises; More than one expert works together and can get outside support for infrastructure support or corporate site design. The Webmaster, who is at the beginning of the project, has duties such as providing all technical support and intervening in the problems that may arise.

In addition to the services mentioned, web experts should have sufficient knowledge to complete the following tasks:

Installing Ready CMS

The term CMS, which is translated from English into our language, is translated as Content Management System. Through the website, processes such as providing a digital experience to customers, managing and optimizing this site are created by the what does a webmaster do? with ready-made CMSs. It is necessary to develop web pages and ensure that all content is managed from a single server with the help of a database.

Thanks to CMS platforms, Webmaster aims to provide benefits to businesses in database issues such as storing information, as well as performing the process of establishing a ready-made website. While installing ready-made CMS is possible thanks to ready-made themes and ready-made templates; The expert aims to be able to carry out the design of professional websites, as well as to solve the problems that occur with practical solutions what does a webmaster do?

Installing Ready CMS

Making Basic HTML/CSS Edits: CSS, which stands for Cascading Style Layers, helps to visually shape web pages. This definition language, which has its own rules, is among the web technologies of JavaScript and HTML, and it offers the possibility of visual inspection over websites.

Making Basic HTML/CSS Edits

Updating Site Contents

Updating the content of the site, such as the editing of software, graphics, design and content operations, as well as the editing of internet web pages, are among the services offered by the webmaster. The web expert, who is responsible for all of these areas, acts as a link between the people performing transactions in other units.

Hosting and Domain Name Management

Hosting and domain name management is necessary in order to exist and work in the virtual environment. Hosting is the service that stores all the data on the website, helps the visitors to reach the website at any time, and publishes the information on the website over the servers with high internet speed what does a webmaster do?

If the domain is; These are the names that allow access to websites through browsers.

Webmaster, which enables this process to be carried out successfully, aims to benefit individuals or businesses by purchasing these extensions.