How to Write Unique Articles the Easy Way

The subject of the unique article is a topic that has been on the agenda since the internet world has existed. Originality is of great importance both in terms of search engine optimization, in terms of standing out from your competitors and in terms of the reader’s preference.

So what is originality? How to prepare an unique article ? Let’s take a look at these topics.

Unique Article

As the unique word meaning, it has the meanings of “only unique” and “not a copy”.

Unique Content

Unique Content

Authenticity also means “the quality of the unique”. Based on these definitions, we can describe an unique article as an article that has not been copied, has not been shared in a different place before, and is unique to itself.

It is the content that is not copied from a different place in the article and is completely specific to that content. They have not been shared anywhere before.

What is the Importance of an Unique Article?

Especially after the website is open, this subject will come to your ears frequently. So what is the importance of producing unique content?

The most important aspect of this is search engines. The biggest users of a website come from search engines. Content that is not available elsewhere is required in order to be on the first page and attract users in search engines.

If you produce content by copy-pasting, then search engines will perceive you as spam and will not show your site on the first page. In fact, this will create a negative impression for your site and will lower your search engine optimization (seo) score. In addition, it also lowers your Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) values.

Domain and page authority are also important scores in terms of your site’s prominence and value. Using copy-paste content will reduce both your domain authority and page authority.

How to Produce Unique Content?

The first requirement to produce unique content is to research and read. If you research a subject from a single source and read it in one place, then your writing will inevitably resemble the source you read. For this reason, the first condition of producing unique content is to read from different sources and to learn many aspects of a subject. In this way, you may be able to produce unique content on that subject.

Another unique way of managing content is to produce content about your own expertise. For example, if you are a car engine master, producing content on this subject will naturally make you unique.

Since you create your content without researching from a different place, all the information in all sentences will be unique to you. It is therefore always advantageous to produce content about your own expertise.

How to Check the Unique of the Article?

Another important point is to check whether the article you wrote or purchased is unique. Of course, it is not possible to check the entire article by searching one by one in search engines like Google.

There are paid and free tools that do this check. With such tools, you can easily check the originality of an article. You can perform the necessary control processes through Smalseotools, copycontrol, searchenginereports and similar websites. As a result of these checks, you can check which sentences are stuck in the originality check.

What Percent unique Should the Article Be?

The originality of an article does not always have to be 100% unique. Sometimes titles or key phrases (such as a search engine optimization sentence) can get caught in the originality check.

This is quite normal. Such basic sentences cannot be expected to be unique. For this reason, an unique article above 95% is an ideal figure. Of course, the text should be tried to reach 100% originality whenever possible. However, while doing this, the meaning of the sentences should not be distorted and the text should not be sacrificed for originality.