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In 1965, Gordon Moore, one of the founders of Intel, said that the number of transistors on processors would increase by two every year. Technological developments so far confirm this theory. And even this theory has now become a theory.

Based on Moore’s Theory, we have listed the expected technological developments in 2025.

Computers As Fast As The Human Brain
Computers as fast as the human brain will be produced. So the transaction speed per second is 100000000000000000 (10 thousand trillion). That’s roughly the same level as the human brain.

Dynamic Objects

Self-driving cars, trucks, etc. traffic accidents will be minimized.

virtual reality

It will gain a whole new dimension in 2025. Monitors and screens will disappear. We will provide the image with a virtual reality device inside our eye.

Artificial intelligence

We will be able to perform our routines more regularly with artificial intelligence programs and artificial intelligence robots.

3D printers

In 2025, we will be able to easily realize everything we want to produce with 3D printers. We will be able to design an object of our dreams from a computer and make it out of 3D printers.