Google Webmaster Guidelines

Google Webmaster Guidelines contain all the necessary rules for your site to be successful.

Google Webmaster Guidelines It is the name given to the set of rules that need to be done in order for the site on Google to be successful. It is mainly built on 3 legs. These three legs are listed as follows.

  • Design and content guidelines
  • technical guidelines
  • quality guidelines

These areas are in direct connection with SEO. In order to make the website work on SEO, it is first checked whether it is suitable for Google Webmaster Guidelines. When it is determined that it is appropriate, labor and expenditure begins.

What Topics Do the Google Webmaster Guidelines Include?

The subject of which topics the Google Webmaster Guidelines contain is also a subject that needs to be known. The only thing that needs to be known first is this. Quality guidelines are linked to SEO. The other two directives are important. Only quality guidelines are more important.

Design and Content Guidelines

This is the part about On Page SEO. It contains the set of rules that must be followed during the design of the site. In this way, it is possible to design an SEO compatible site.

Technical Guidelines

There are recommendations to increase page opening speed and site performance issues. All speed and performance issues are evaluated in this area. It is an issue that needs attention.

Quality Guidelines

The key issues for SEO are in the Google Webmaster Guidelines quality guidelines area. If a site is penalized, it’s because it doesn’t follow quality guidelines. Only a site with a penalty must comply with these guidelines in order to avoid this penalty. It is examined under 4 main headings.

  • The site should be developed for users.
  • It should be without sample.
  • It should not deceive visitors.
  • There should be no cheating on the site.

Other subheadings are:

  • Automatic content creation
  • Connection schemes
  • Hiding
  • Hidden redirects
  • Hidden text
  • Hidden hidden links
  • hyperlink pages
  • Collection content
  • Developing pages that contain malicious formats in the form of viruses
  • Generating automated queries for Google

In this way, it is possible to create higher quality and richer pages. These guidelines are very important for a web page. Therefore, it should be carefully examined and compatible sites should be designed according to these criteria.