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Studying University Abroad


Studying University Abroad

Studying University Abroad Studying abroad is a situation full of advantages no matter how you look at it. Going to a different country for the purpose of education is a situation that opens one’s horizons and improves one’s vision. Especially after you return home, the diploma that a quality education gives you will open many doors. We researched for you step by step to study abroad. Which exams should be taken to enter a university abroad? Which countries are more advantageous for university studies? How much does it cost to study abroad? We know that you are wondering the answer to all these questions. We have searched for the answers to these questions for you. Here is everything you wonder about in our article.

Studying University Abroad

Studying University Abroad

StudyingStudying University Abroad university education is almost indispensable for a good future. Desires such as a good academic education, academic career, finding a job, learning English make studying abroad more attractive.

The fact that the allowances allocated for universities in our country are not the same in every university, scientific research is not done enough and there are more opportunities abroad for a quality education have made the subject of university education abroad even more preferable.

A good command of English is now a sought-after feature in almost any job. The better your English, the more job opportunities you will have. Especially in countries where the mother tongue is English, getting a university education is also very useful in terms of language development. The English language education you will receive at the university preparatory stage abroad or you will receive before will be further strengthened as you will stay in that country throughout your university education. This is one of the advantages of Studying University Abroad  abroad.

Exams for Studying at University Abroad

After the completion of high school education in our country, a university exam is held in order to enter public and private universities. This situation varies from country to country and even according to the department you will study abroad. These exams can be tests to measure knowledge and skills, as well as exams to measure language skills.

If you have decided to study abroad, you should research the conditions of the university you will go to very well. Because there is no standardized exam like in our country. In addition, some schools may set extra exams to determine whether you meet their own requirements, and some schools do not even have exams.

For language education, there are some exams you will take beforehand. These exams measure your foreign language level and almost every university abroad requires the result document of this exam. If you decide to study abroad for undergraduate or graduate studies, the exams you will take and their brief explanations are as follows:

  • TOEFL: This is an American-based test that measures the language proficiency skills of non-native English speakers. Your TOEFL score also reveals whether you can understand English lessons. However, if it is an issue that needs attention, you should research whether the university you want to attend will accept the TOEFL score, even though it is an international exam.
  • IELTS: It is a British-based test prepared to measure the level of English. The score you get from IELTS also reveals your English level, just like TOEFL. For example, all universities in the UK require the score from the IELTS exam.
  • GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test): It is one of the exams that should be taken by those who want to do master and MBA in business or management-related subjects in the USA. The aim of the exam is to measure your numerical, verbal and analytical problem solving ability, your ability to use English and your reading comprehension level.
  • GRE: This is an exam that should be taken by those who want to do a master’s degree in engineering and basic sciences. The GRE exam is a test that measures your verbal, numerical and analytical problem-solving skills.
  • SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test): It is an exam that should be taken by those who want to study in the USA. Almost most universities in America require SAT I from the SAT I and SAT II exams. However, depending on the department you will study, you may also need to take the SAT II exam.
  • TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication): It is an exam to determine the English level of people whose native language is not English. This exam is for business English and takes 2 hours. TOEIC exam result; It shows the ability of people to communicate in English with their environment in the business world.

The Most Expensive and Cheapest Countries to Study Abroad

Studying abroad brings with it expenses such as the annual cost of university, accommodation, food and beverage. We can say that the costs vary according to each country and each university. In some countries, living conditions, accommodation options, food and university expenses are expensive, while others are very cheap. In a situation where it is also necessary to think about your pocket, we have researched the most expensive and cheapest countries for university education abroad.

When the annual tuition fee, accommodation and living expenses are included, the USA is the country in the first place where university education reaches 50 thousand dollars per year. Canada with 34 thousand dollars, Switzerland with 27 thousand dollars and Australia with 25 thousand 500 dollars are the top four countries in the most expensive countries category, respectively.

The cheapest countries to study abroad are: Poland, Germany, Sweden, Ukraine, Hungary, Macedonia.

How Much Does It Cost to Study Abroad?

Being able to study abroad is more economical and more advantageous when compared to Turkey. The quality of the education provided and the opportunities offered are worth the money for studying abroad. When you decide to study abroad, the costs are not limited to university expenses. Accommodation, food and beverage, language courses are other areas where you need to allocate a budget. This cost issue, which can vary everywhere, is a very important issue and should be emphasized. Here are some countries and their average cost with all costs:

  • Hungary 8.500 Euros
  • Czech Republic 8.450 Euros
  • Poland 7.500 Euros
  • Ukraine 4.450 Euros
  • Austria 8.450 Euros
  • Germany 7.300 Euros
  • Latvia 6.500 Euros
  • US 33,950 USD
  • UK 23,250 GBP
  • Australia AU$30,600
  • Canada 27,500 CAD
  • Ireland 19.00 Euros

Studying University Abroad Please note that the prices mentioned above are average prices. This may vary depending on your spending. You can also contact us to get the average prices for more countries other than these countries Studying University Abroad

Studying University Abroad Regardless of which country you will study abroad, a university will always open many doors for you. For this reason, you should research this process in all its details and plan it well. The education you will receive abroad will both improve you and enable you to work in very good places in terms of job opportunities. If you also decide to study abroad, you can contact us if you want us to plan the whole process with you and to serve you better and answer your questions. We are here to answer all your questions. Do not forget that in a developing and changing world, an internationally recognized diploma will put you ahead of your competitors in every respect.


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