Teeth alignment: our opinion on the Invisalign method

A good alignment of the teeth is not only of aesthetic interest. Jaw pain, difficulty chewing, sometimes difficulty speaking or even breathing, A good alignment of the teeth is very important. Some will talk to you about self-esteem or about forging social ties, the fact is that having well-aligned teeth is an aesthetic and health asset, which certain orthodontic treatments make it possible to regulate very effectively. Among these treatments, there is something called Invisalign which we have detailed for you.

What is the Invisalign method?

“Invisalign” is the name given to an orthodontic treatment intended for the alignment of teeth without the use of a conventional dental brace. Instead, plastic gutters also called “aligners” are used. This innovation in orthodontic treatment has been acclaimed by many opinions on Invisalign since the method has existed.

teeth alignment

teeth alignment

It must be said that the gutters are designed in a personalised way in order to marry each of the teeth to adapt to the patient’s dentition and achieve the expected result. Compared to conventional material, they are special in that they are made of transparent plastic, which makes them more discreet, even almost invisible.

What is the interest of the Invisalign method?

Very easy and practical to use, it is no less true that their installation still requires a certain expertise. Indeed, the pose must be preceded by a simulation of the movements of the teeth with a view to establishing a treatment plan. This plan is produced by computer by the professional using processing software capable of producing 3D models of the teeth.

Called “ClinCheck”, this software creates a map of the fastest line between your gutters, drawing inspiration from the clinical cases of previous patients treated. To achieve this, it uses a calculation algorithm that precisely determines the pressure that must be exerted on each tooth so that they can move and align in the correct order.

It is therefore with the personalised treatment plan that the gutters are delivered. You read correctly, these are several sets of gutters that will be used by the patient over time and the progress of alignments made. The goal is to precisely solve the patient’s dental problems and offer him a tailor-made treatment. Among the various orthodontic treatments using fixed dental appliances , the main benefit of the Invisalign method is to remain extremely discreet, almost invisible, while offering an unequalled level of precision and efficiency.


How does an Invisalign type treatment take place?

The Invisalign treatment systematically starts with the realisation of the simulation by an Invisalign certified orthodontist for the preparation of the treatment gutters. This simulation begins with taking the patient’s finishing impressions.

The gutters will thus be designed on the basis of the treatment plan developed and applied to the patient for an alignment of his teeth. Once placed, they are practically invisible, but will exert appropriate pressure on each tooth that needs it, in order to align them.

Invisalign treatment lasts an average of 12 months. However, this may vary depending on the complexity of the patient’s dental problems, and this is the reason why the doctor always provides a safety margin which varies the duration between 10 and 18 months.

Depending on the needs and the progress made, the gutters are replaced every 7 to 14 days, over an average period of 12 months. This is why they are numbered, dated and listed in a calendar.

Depending on the expertise of the orthodontist, you may be subject to one of 3 treatment solutions, namely:

  • Invisalign light, a treatment that lasts 6 to 12 months for the simplest cases
  • Invisalign medium, a treatment that lasts 12 to 18 months in most cases,
  • Invisalign full, a treatment that lasts 18 to 24 months for the most complex cases.

When to use the Invisalign method?

Being a customizable and tailor-made method, the Invisalign treatment solves several orthodontic problems with dental alignment, both in adolescents and adults. You can use it to fix:

  • A supraocclusion, that is to say the excessive covering of the lower teeth by those of the upper one,
  • An underbite, that is to say the excessive prominence of the lower teeth compared to the upper ones,
  • An inverted bite, i.e. the misalignment of the lower and upper teeth,
  • An ectopic dental eruption, i.e. the eruption in an abnormal position of a permanent tooth,
  • overlapping teeth,
  • The spacing of the teeth.

The Invisalign treatment is appreciated by adolescents as well as adults for its aesthetics. In addition, the maintenance of the gutters is very simple, especially since during meals, they must be removed, then put back after brushing your teeth, which in addition allows you to acquire perfect oral hygiene.