What is Organic Dry Cleaning? How is it done? What Is Used?

Organic Dry cleaning is one of the indispensable stages of modern life. It is one of the most special services that makes life easier, especially for people who cannot spare a lot of time for the cleaning phase, for this very reason, by choosing Drycorner, you can both make your life easier and make your clothes look tastier. At this stage, the only thing to do is to communicate with the company quickly and safely and if there is a stain on your clothes, specify this situation!

How Does the Dry Cleaning Phase Work?

Under the title of what is organic dry cleaning, you must first have information about the basic stages of dry cleaning.

Dry CleaningDuring the dry cleaning process, the type of clothing delivered by the people is determined.
It should be known that the process is applied according to the type. For this reason, the clothing is directly prevented from being damaged during the cleaning process.
Detergents used in the organic dry cleaning phase are determined to be as natural as possible. Thanks to this natural content, chemical accumulation in clothes will not occur.
Clothes are placed in the drum part of the devices, which are a combination of a dryer and a professional washing machine.
After this placement stage, the chamber is filled up to one third with the solution and the cleaning phase begins.
Considering these details, the process is continued and your clothes are delivered to you in a reliable and well-equipped manner.

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The Texture of Clothes Will Never Be Damaged!

It should also be noted that the products delivered by people during the organic dry cleaning process will not be damaged by chemicals. If you want to have your clothes cleaned instantly and completely eliminate the possibility of damage, you are in the right place. Both the materials used and the processing process will not affect the clothes negatively, on the contrary, they will directly increase the quality of the clothes.

The Ironing Service Offered Is Dazzling!

After the organic dry cleaning phase, the delivery phase should be taken into consideration. Thanks to the ironing service offered, your clothes are made ready to wear without any problems. Whatever product you give to the company, you can be sure that it will be delivered to you properly ironed! At this stage, it is seen that the ironing process is chosen specifically for the type of fabric.

You do not have any responsibility to use the ironing service after the dry cleaning phase. Conversely, in cases where you need a regular ironing, you can also take advantage of the affordable ironing service by delivering your clothes to Drycorner!

Fast And Safe!

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The system has been specially designed for rapid action during the dry cleaning phase. It is even possible to deliver the deliveries you specified as urgent, within the same day.  Organic dry cleaning near me you can also contact the company to get your clothes free of stains in a short time. It should also be underlined that the safety and protection of your clothing is under the guarantee of Drycorner during this process.

Clothing Refreshes Texture and Gets Rid of Smells!
Another of the last stages of the organic dry cleaning title is ventilation. Ventilation should not be confused with drying. At this point, a special process is applied to remove the fixed odors that have permeated the clothes. At the same time, it is also possible to clean every single pore of the clothes. With these little tricks, it is ensured that the clothes become as neat as if they were just bought without any deformation in their texture!

Which Substances Are Used?

The service quality of this company, which is subject to the organic sub-title in the Istanbul dry cleaning category, is quite high. It should also be noted that the company with the highest customer satisfaction received the award.

It should not be forgotten that there are many companies that cause damage to the clothes in this sector, where the organic dry cleaning company is the leader! For this reason, you should not neglect to deliver precious clothes to Drycorner with a great peace of mind! Well, what kind of mixture is used in the cleaning phase in Drycorner company, which serves organically;

Organic dry cleaning near me the material used by the company in the cleaning phase is a silicone structure whose main material is sand.
It should not be forgotten that this mixture has had a groundbreaking success in dry cleaning. Drycorner, which is at the forefront and appreciated in its sector, will leave the impression that you have just bought your clothes with these organic materials!

In How Many Days Is Dry Cleaning Completed?

During the dry cleaning phase, different options such as express service are also offered. In order not to have any problems during this process, you should not neglect to inform the company separately when you are in a hurry. It is appreciated that no information is provided in this area.