Water Leak Detection Methods

Water Leak Detection Methods

Water Leak Detection Methods In order to meet the water needs of the settlements, underground water pipes are laid. These pipes can be damaged over time or due to other reasons. Damages in water pipes cause water leaks. But the problems of water leaks under the soil or under the concrete floor cannot be understood from the outside. Therefore, different techniques are used to find water leaks in these areas. With these techniques, problems can now be easily understood without digging the soil or breaking the concrete floor.

Methods Used in Detection of Physical Water Losses

If you want to detect water leaks under the ground floor outside, it is absolutely necessary to use the most advanced devices. The methods used for water leak detection methods are;
First of all, it is necessary to find the lines of the water pipes. However, if the route of the water pipelines is unknown and the location of the main valve is unknown, determination studies are carried out on this issue. Using cable pipe locating techniques, the location of the pipes is first determined. Of course, in order to use this method, the pipes must be conductive. Radio signals are used to find non-conductive pipelines. Metal detectors are used to detect valves.
After the locations of the pipes and the valve are determined, it is necessary to use different technological devices to determine the exact location of the water leakage experienced in these pipes. The devices used here are;
Sensitive listening devices; acoustic listening devices have the opportunity to hear even very sensitive sounds. Along the lines of the water pipes, the sounds of the leak zone are heard. In this way, there will be no need to dig along the water pipe line of the soil floor or to break the concrete floor.
Camera devices; Again, thanks to some special cameras, water leaks under the ground can be easily viewed. When using this method, water leaks in pipes can be viewed more easily.
Flow meters; By measuring the flow rate in the water pipes, water leaks can be found easily and without any problems.
Thanks to all these methods, underground water leakage problems can be easily found without digging. For this reason, transactions are carried out without any problems thanks to expert people and advanced technologies.

A wide variety of purposes are used when detecting water leaks. The questions of how to make a water escape with the device have been a matter of curiosity by people. Thanks to the water leakage output with the device, leaks can be detected very quickly and quick solutions can be produced. Thanks to the examinations by the expert teams, it is easily determined whether there is a water pipe in a household or not.

With the latest technology devices, water leak detection can be done much more easily. It is easy to find out what caused the water leaks. After the sources of water leaks are found, relevant interventions are made by our expert teams. The examinations are carried out without any damage to the structures made with the latest technology.

Detecting Water Leaks Without Damage to Structures

The questions of how to make a water leak without breaking it are wondered by people. In the past, water leak detection, where tiles were broken, could be quite fast and challenging. However, today, with the latest technology, the restrictions of water leaks can be made much more easily. It is aimed to provide a lot of benefit both in terms of economy and in terms of not revealing other findings.

All the water leakage methods involved are not to damage the structures. Expert teams can perform the function of damaging the structures by water leaks by using the necessary methods. All necessary requirements are met by the company and guaranteed services are provided. After the water leaks are detected, the necessary actions are taken to solve the problems quickly. Thanks to our friendly and service-oriented expert teams, services are provided not only in households, but also in hotels, schools and other large areas. In order to collect your water leakage problems in a short time, you can have the capacity and necessary actions done with our teams.

Not ignoring water leaks is important for the emergence of different problems. The outflow of water presents major problems for road connections to foreign problems. The price of water leak detection with a camera may vary according to the uses used. For water leak detection, operations are carried out using the latest technology and without damaging the structures in any way.

Professional of the Business Trend Plumbing

Water Leak Detection Methods Trend Tesisat performs professional water leak detection in the entire Istanbul region with its expert staff and high-tech devices. You should also consider minor symptoms to avoid major problems and major renovation costs in the future. Water leaks are usually immediately obvious. Symptoms such as darkening on the wall, mold and darkening between the tiles, sweating on the ceiling and tiles, bad odor that cannot be removed, and plaster bulges and plaster spillage on the wall inform you that you have a water leak. Water leaks from the bottom of the tub and toilet seep into the lower floor and cause drips, spills, and plaster bulges on the ceiling of the lower floor. Water Leak Detection Methods

We easily find the source of all water leaks, water leaks. Water Leak Detection Methods Do not be intimidated by the long water leak detection processes. Trend Tesisat comes to you with the most economically appropriate and most effective methods for water leak detection as in all your sanitary problems. Your old-fashioned plumber’s nightmare, which plundered your house, caused you to carry sacks full of dust, enslaved you for days, and cost you many renovations, ends with us. Contact us and see how all your plumbing problems can be easily solved…