What is Plumbing? What are its features?

What is Plumbing?

Plumbing is the pipeline that ensures that the water taken from any water source is delivered cleanly to the places where it is connected and that the dirty water is discharged out. Plumbing is used in many places, from homes to industrial areas. Plumbing elements are used in areas such as sinks, toilet bowls, showers and bath tubs where water is actively used. Such a system is needed when installing natural gas and water transport systems and fire fighting systems. When a problem occurs in the plumbing, a foul odor will surround the environment. The reason for this is that the dirty water cannot be discharged because the system does not work. Common gasket problems are a good example of this.

Where Should You Pay Attention?

What is Plumbing? laying the plumbing pipes, it is necessary to pay attention to the source from which the water will be taken. The better the quality of the water, the smoother the system will run. For this, the water to be used in the installation should have a temperature between 7 and 12 degrees. Water with a clear appearance without color and without unwanted harmful microorganisms is considered more ideal. In addition, if water with a hardness level conforming to the standards is used, it will not damage the pipes.

Another factor that will affect the operation of the system is the water speed. High velocity water coming into the pipes can cause the pressure to become unstable. This may damage the plumbing elements integrated into the system. In order not to encounter this situation, the slope of the plumbing pipes should be given upwards from the meter.

Another issue to be considered while laying the plumbing pipes is easy access to the pipes. In this way, when a problem occurs in the system over time, repairs can be made in a practical way. Thus, if any part of the system needs to be replaced, it can be easily changed. Insulation should be done to prevent the pipes laid in the open area from freezing. Hangers and clamps are needed to fix the pipes used in these areas to the wall. Products made of materials that are in the most suitable size for the pipes and that will not break easily should be selected.

Where Should You Pay Attention?

What Can Be Done for Long-Life Plumbing?

In order for the installed plumbing to be long-lasting, the installation phase must be carried out with care. In addition, parts conforming to international standards should be used. However, it should be known that the positive effect of these parts is possible by making the flooring correctly. In order for the installation to be used for a longer time, the repair works should be done by experienced people. In this way, the plumbing system will not be damaged during repair operations.

Plumbing pipes are effective on human health as they come into direct contact with water. In order not to harm your health, you should make sure that the system is made of quality materials. As Formec Mechanical, we provide services with products that have internationally valid quality certificates. We are with you during the installation phase of the system as well as afterwards. In case of any malfunction in the system, we provide effective solutions and enable you to continue using it in a short time. You can contact us for detailed information about our plumbing service.

Plumbing and Its Importance

What is Plumbing? Plumbing includes the supply, storage, heating, softening, pressurization and distribution of water required for the building, disposal of waste water, treatment of waste water, storm water discharge and fire extinguishing.

The clean water system is laid with a 25 mm pipe for water use in the building. In order to convey the waste water used in the building to the sewerage, it is laid with pipe diameters of 100, 125, 150, 200, 250, depending on the number of flats. Since the plumbing is an infrastructure, it is important that it is done by qualified people. Because your building may be damaged due to a water leak that will occur later, so the number of victims is quite high.

Undoubtedly, plumbing engineering is of great importance for people to live in a healthy, safe, comfortable and economical way and to have contemporary structures in our modern world. It is an important area of expertise that renews and develops itself every day. In the preliminary preparation of the plumbing projects of the building, studies should be carried out on the architectural projects together with the architects on pipe passages and device placement. The following can be listed for the formation of a modern sanitary system:

– It is to provide a reliable clean water to the building occupants and to prevent any liquid from mixing with this water.
– Establishing a suitable system in terms of the number of devices, the amount and pressure of the water supplied, and the storage of water when necessary.
– Ensuring that the waste water drainage system is protected from clogging and contamination, from solid matter accumulations, with proper care.
– It is the selection of suitable pipe and equipment materials for an acceptable installation life.
– Ensuring proper separation, insulation and ventilation in clean water and waste water systems.

The pipe network that ensures the transmission of clean water to the places of use in a healthy way and the collection of dirty and dirty water out of the building is called plumbing, and the person who makes this pipe installation is called a plumber. Plumbing is directly related to the protection of human health. Urbanization and modern life have increased the importance of plumbing and plumbing together with the needs. In the same way, the tools and techniques used have also improved. Clean water has played an important role in the existence of mankind since ancient times. Mankind settled in places where they found clean water sources, and when the sources dried up or became polluted, they sought new places. Excavations in the Indu Valley in India revealed that the people living here 3000-6000 years ago used sanitary systems.

Plumbing and Its Importance

Considerations in the Installation of Plumbing Pipes


The service life of water pipes is short compared to the life of structures. It is possible for it to malfunction for various reasons and to need repair or replacement. Precautions should be taken during architectural design so that water pipes can be easily accessed. For this purpose, it would be correct to make pipes and What is Plumbing? chimneys.


Pipes can be laid open and recessed. Pipes laid in the open should be parallel to the walls as well as to each other and their spacing should be equal to each other. However, no matter how neatly laid, the exposed pipe may not look good because it will get dirty over time. It would be correct to lay the pipes as recessed in places where aesthetics is prioritized.


Since the volume of water that passes from the liquid state to the solid state will increase by 1/12, it causes the pipes to burst. Due to freezing, the pipe bursts at its weakest point. To protect the pipe from frost, it is correct to run it through interior walls and relatively warm places. While insulating the pipe is helpful, it will not prevent the water from freezing if left in very cold weather for sufficient time. However, the freezing of water in the insulated pipe is later. Since the pipe is not exposed to excessive temperature changes, its shrinkage by expansion is less. In unused buildings, the water must be drained so that the water in the pipes does not freeze. To open frozen pipes, methods such as wrapping them with a cloth soaked in hot water, pouring hot water on them, and heating them with fire or flame are used.

Coach Kick

A sudden closing of a faucet or valve can cause the pressure in the pipe to drop to zero suddenly, increasing the pressure in the pipe 15-20 times. There are large fluctuations in pressure in positive and negative directions and these fluctuations continue until the pressure returns to normal. Noise is produced by shaking the pipes. It is even possible for the pipe to burst. The severity of the ram stroke is effective with the flow rate of the water. In order to prevent water hammer, sudden closing of faucets and valves should be prevented, pipe diameters should be chosen large and the speed of water should be reduced. Pressure reducing valves should be used to reduce excessive pressure in the installation. Rubber tap gaskets should not be used in the installation where the pressure is high. It can be prevented by making an air pocket before sudden closing fixtures. The air in the air pocket acts as a cushion, reducing the ram stroke effect caused by unavoidable causes.


What is Plumbing? Depending on the length of the horizontal pipes, a slope of approximately 0.005 is given. For short distances, the slope can be slightly increased. The direction of the slope is the water meter. However, if necessary, more than one point can be inclined. One thing to consider is to ensure that the air in the pipes can easily rise to the water outlets while the installation water is being filled. What is Plumbing?


What is Plumbing? When water is started to be used in the installation, there will be rustling and rattling in the installation. Excess water speed makes rustling at the water outlet. It creates a rattling when air and water flow starts at any point of the installation. Water meter, wash tank (reservoir), taps with loose seals make noises in the form of clicking and vibrations. These noises are transmitted to the building by pipes and clamps and cause discomfort. By placing soft materials such as rubber between the pipe and the clamp or console, the noise of the vibrations can be eliminated to a great extent. Any loose gaskets are replaced. One way to prevent noise is to reduce the flow rate of the water. Pressure reducers are used for this. What is Plumbing?

Detection of Pipes

What is Plumbing? Pipes are fixed to walls and ceilings with special hangers and clamps. The gap to be left between the clamps and the hangers depends on the diameter of the pipe as well as whether it is in a horizontal or vertical position. Putting rubber between the pipe and the clamp so that it does not make noise prevents the formation of noise.

Sitting of the Building

For various reasons, the building settles over time. It is not possible to prevent this. The work to be done is to pass the pipes entering and leaving the building through a large diameter pipe from the foundation wall. A soft paste between the pipe and the sleeve is filled with bitumen or silicone type materials. What is Plumbing?

Supervision of Water Distribution

What is Plumbing? The water pressure in the city water main may be sufficient for 5-6-storey buildings. However, in higher buildings, water does not flow to the upper floors. For this reason, additional pressure increasing systems are used. The supply line is connected to the water tank on the basement floor. With the hydrophore connected to the tank outlet, the water pressure is increased according to the number of floors and the number of flats, allowing water to flow at the desired pressure in all floors and flats. After testing the installation, the installation is laid and all the works are completed, water is supplied. By opening the top taps in the columns, the air is taken from the installation and the pipes are filled with water. Then, the installation is subjected to a pressure of 1.5 times the pressure to be used with a pump, and a pressure experience is made for at least 10 minutes. If there are leaks, they are fixed.