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How to Buy Cryptocurrency? And what is cryptocurrency?


How to Buy Cryptocurrency?

How to Buy Cryptocurrency? A person who wants to own cryptocurrencies can take their first step into this ecosystem by purchasing cryptocurrencies through cryptocurrency trading platforms. It is possible to have cryptocurrencies without using cryptocurrency trading platforms. Another method of owning cryptocurrencies is to perform cryptocurrency mining. In this article, you can find the answer to the question of how to buy cryptocurrency.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency?

Users can choose cryptocurrency trading platforms to buy cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency trading platforms are places where cryptocurrency transactions are carried out using fiat currencies. These platforms act as an intermediary between users who buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Users can place their orders for the cryptocurrencies they want to buy by selecting the order type supported by the trading platforms. When the orders given by the users match the orders of another user, the cryptocurrency purchase process takes place.

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Another method of owning cryptocurrencies is cryptocurrency mining. Cryptocurrency mining, in its most basic definition, is the approval of crypto money transfer transactions by solving complex problems by devices with special software and hardware, and as a result, rewarding with newly produced cryptocurrency. In theory, anyone with a computer and internet can mine. There are many methods of cryptocurrency mining. These methods are; differ from each other in terms of cost, speed and difficulty.

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BtcTurk | How to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency with PRO?

BtcTurk, which introduced Bitcoin to Turkey and is Turkey’s largest Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading platform with 4.5 million users, continues to work with the motto of providing the best service to its users, and is the only Turkish company among the most preferred and used cryptocurrency applications in the world in 2021. It has been a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading platform. How to Buy Cryptocurrency?

BtcTurk | With the PRO application, you can buy and sell Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies professionally.

Step 1: BtcTurk | Login to PRO

BtcTurk | You can log in to your PRO account with the e-mail address and password you registered by clicking the “Log In” button. BtcTurk | If you are not a member of PRO, you can become a member in a short time after tapping the New Membership link. BtcTurk | You can login to PRO.

Step 2: Deposit

Using the Deposit – Withdraw screen BtcTurk | You can deposit Turkish Lira to PRO. You can easily deposit Turkish Lira with contracted banks under the Deposit option on the Deposit – Check screen.

Step 3: Trading Cryptocurrency

BtcTurk | In PRO, on the Prices screen, you can see all the trading pairs you can trade. By tapping on a cryptocurrency trading pair of your choice; You can access price chart, depth chart, best buying and selling prices, 24-hour high and low prices, 24-hour volume information. You can switch to the trading screen with the Buy and Sell buttons. BtcTurk | With PRO, you can start trading cryptocurrencies professionally.

What Does Cryptocurrency Mean, What Are Its Features?

What Does Cryptocurrency Mean, What Are Its Features?

How to Buy Cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that are used as virtual currency and do not exist in any physical form. They are secured by cryptography, that is, encryption. In this way, for example; The act of “double spending”, which means counterfeiting or making multiple transactions with the same cryptocurrency, has become almost impossible.

The world’s first cryptocurrency was Bitcoin, created in 2008. Bitcoin was followed by other types of cryptocurrencies, with hundreds of variations today. Unlike currencies in the classical sense, cryptocurrencies are not issued by a central authority. This feature is perhaps the most attractive aspect of cryptocurrencies for investors. Because in this way, most cryptocurrencies remain exempt from government regulation or manipulation.

What determines whether an investment vehicle is cryptocurrency?

The concept of crypto money has actually been in our lives for many years. For example, we used cryptocurrencies instead of physical banknotes in every transaction we made with debit cards, virtual cards or over the internet. Transactions were made on digital basis, without physical money transfer between banks. So from a point of view, cryptocurrencies were also used in these transactions. Because as a result of these transactions, there were only numerical changes in the financial systems. The new generation cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, are distinguished from their ancestors by the fact that they are primarily used in digital transactions and do not exist physically. In addition, as we mentioned above, it is different from the previous versions in that they are not subject to the rules of a state or organization and the transactions are made with the consensus of all units in the system. The main reason why it attracts so much attention and love compared to other currencies in the world is that it has a distributed structure. As such, transactions are not carried out under the control of a single authority, but through the control and approval of all users. This feature also ensures that this currency is referred to as more secure. How to Buy Cryptocurrency?

How are cryptocurrencies created?

Cryptocurrencies are created through a process called mining. Individuals with special hardware (hardware) are rewarded by a network with tokens or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin in return for their services. In this decentralized competitive process, if too many people try to mine a coin, it will become increasingly difficult to make a profit with each new addition to the network. This is one of the main reasons why Bitcoin, which can be produced on a limited basis, has increased in value over time with its increasing popularity.

What is Bitcoin and what makes it valuable?

Bitcoin, as we mentioned in our previous two articles on the subject, is the first cryptocurrency to fall into the definition we gave above. The feature that distinguishes it from other cryptocurrencies and allows us to accept Bitcoin as a form of ‘money’ today is that it can be used instead of physical money in the market. Today, although their number is not high yet, alternatives to large companies in the service sector, such as, Airbnb’s competitor in Europe, or airBaltic, which is not one of the well-known airline companies, have been accepting Bitcoin in their transactions for a long time. In fact, since the value of Bitcoin is predicted to increase in the future, a joke is made for those who shop with these companies, “if not today, you can say, ‘I had the most expensive holiday in the future'”.

The use of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies that followed it, gives the user the most sought-after feature in the financial world, namely the feeling of trust. As a result of this sense of trust, it is highly likely that it will be accepted by banks, merchants, institutions and individuals over time and can be used in every field without distinction between transactions. Therefore, the faster and more widely cryptocurrencies become a valid payment method, the more valuable they will be perceived.


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