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How to Make Money Podcasting



Do you talk to yourself? Do you sit in your car and address an imaginary audience while expounding on the complexities of life?

You’re not alone and you’re not crazy (unless the voices are telling you you’re crazy…). Self-directed speech is something we all do as children. Later in life, we untangle our own thoughts by talking out loud or in our heads.

What if you could make money talking to yourself? Or even talking to a friend? Isn’t that essentially what podcasting is?

If you have the time and the drive, you’d be crazy not to take advantage of that podcasting money. Here’s how to make money while podcasting.

1. Books and Audiobooks

You’re giving away content for “almost” free. Yes, if you’ve monetized your podcast, listeners pay time when listening to ads, but they don’t see it that way. Time is money is just words to most people.

Waste not, want not, amiright? When you create a podcast, you’re sitting on wasted content potential. This is especially true if you do audio dramas where you simply compile the episodes into an audiobook.

Even conversational podcasts are repurposable. Simply take talking points and anecdotes from your interviews and build content around those elements.

Even if you don’t sell your ebooks, you can use them as bait in your marketing funnel.

2. Build a Web Course

By podcasting, you’re proving to the world that you’re an expert. Why not take advantage of that?

For example, Jordan Harbinger of The Jordan Harbinger Show used his expertise to create a free course. It’s about networking and it gives you access to a ton of information. This is part of his marketing funnel.

But if his aim were to make what I call “now money”, he could create a twenty-minute course based on what he’s learned through his podcasts. He could sell it directly on his site. And you could do that too.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing isn’t just about blogging or creating marketing funnels. It’s about finding as many ways to get people to click through to your affiliate’s site and get them to buy. The more avenues and inroads you create to their site, the more likely you are to rake in the cash.

The great thing about podcasts, unless they’re political, they’re automatically evergreen. If you’re interviewing someone famous, they’re going to be famous for a while. If you’re creating radio dramas people listen to today, they’ll listen to them in five years.

Evergreen content is content people will still consume years from now. If people need the motivation to get stuff done today, they’ll need it ten years from now. And attaching relevant links and CTAs to your content will still bring in leads and convert to cash now and later.

Make Money While Podcasting Now

Even if you’re already talking to yourself and recording it, you might not have figured out how to make money from it. If you repurpose your content into books, audiobooks, web courses, marketing funnels, blogs, etcetera, you’ll boost your income.

Don’t let easy money get away from you. Make money while podcasting now.

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