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This is that animal that imitates the human voice


Belugas are toothed whales and will are living as much as 50 years. The whales are living across the North Pole and are true gourmets. In finding out extra concerning the attention-grabbing animals within the GEOlino animal lexicon

Basic details about the white beluga whale

Belugas (clinical identify: Delphinapterus leucas) are often known as beluga whales. They belong to the toothed whales and are living basically at the coasts of Alaska, Canada and Russia. The surface of the animals isn’t white from start: new child belugas are grey to brown. After a few yr they flip blue-grey. Handiest after the age of 5 do they shimmer bluish-white or cream-colored.

What does a russian beluga whale consume?

Belugas are gourmets and love selection: the whales love to consume mussels and crabs, but additionally squid, cod and salmon.

How large do belugas get?

Die Tiere messen drei bis sechs Meter und wiegen bis zu 1500 Kilogramm – so viel wie ein Auto!

Offspring within the beluga whales:

After fourteen and a part months, the feminine in most cases provides start to at least one younger. When the infant takes its first breaths, its mom holds it above the water with its snout. She nurses her child till it’s two years outdated. Then she friends once more – however the cub remains together with her for as much as two years.

Profile – Beluga whale

Clinical identify: Delphinapterus leucas Dimension: 3 to 6 meters in period Weight: as much as 1500 kg Lifespan: 35 to 50 years Habitat: Alaska, Canada and Russia Nutrition: Mussels, crabs, squid, cod and salmon

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